File Management Project

UX/Product Designer
2020 (8 Months)


Customers may need to share large files such as logs of security scans with the support team. For such cases, the use of email and the use of third-party services for security reasons may cause problems due to the large file size.

That’s why we worked on a custom solution to manage the file transfer between the customer and the support team.


As a Product Designer, I started by identifying customer needs. I have drawn the basic roadmap of the product with user flows.

Interaction Design

User Flows

I identified the the path for two types users as Agent and Customer.

UI Design

Main screens of Customer Side

Main screens of Support Team Side

Usability Testing

We did a prototype test study with the possible scenarios we created with the users suitable for the personas.

I made improvements in the project with the feedback I gathered from the study. I brought the project to the delivery stage with improvements.