Hello I am Omer,

I am a product designer. I am passionate about design because I enjoy turning ideas into products and solving problems.

I worked in different teams and product types, especially product teams. I conducted qualitative research with user interviews, feedback, and complaint analysis. I like to design and produce solutions by blending quantitative findings such as user movements, heat maps, user flows with data.

Knowing the importance of learning and experiencing in my career process, I help those who are looking for answers to their questions and improve themselves in the field of design with free mentoring through the Adp List platform.

Finally, I worked as a UX/Product Designer in the Global Web Security SAAS application Invicti Enterprise. I started by improving the visual and experiential status of the product. Over time, I’ve designed solutions for feature enhancements and solutions for product pain points.

I think that parts such as user traces, marks, and feedback in product design are versatile and I enjoy working on these important parts. I want to continue my career in this direction in the field of UX/Product Design.

The File Transfer Web App

The file transfer project is designed for customers and the support team

Compass Hotelier Web App

The Compass project is a B2B project where hoteliers track room availability, reservations, campaigns, and payments.


Product Design 100%
UI Design 100%
Web Design 100%
Visual Design 100%
Prototyping 90%
UX Design 70%
Mobile Design 65%
Branding 65%
Design Strategy 50%
Design Thinking 35%
User Research 35%
Coding 10%

Some Of My Other Works